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How long does it take for a NameFrame to be printed and delivered?


From the time you place your order I will prepare you NameFrame and email it back to you within 24 hours for you to approve it before I print it.


Once you have approved it I will print and post within 24 hours.


Post generally takes 1 to 3 days in New Zealand,

3 to 5 days to Austalia

And 7 to 10 days internationally.

However sometimes, depending on the time of the year it can take anywhere up to 21 days.


So allow 7 days for New Zealand orders.

Approx 10 days for Australian & South Pacific Orders,

Beyound the Soith Pacific allow 14 to 21 days.


What date do I need to have my order in by to have it arrive before Christmas?


Our Christmas Delivery dates are based on the NZ Post dates. If you require your Nameframe as a Christmas Gift, we recommend to have your order in before the following dates:

• Australia and South Pacific - before the end of November

• Rest of the World - mid  November (Framed)


Please note if you place your order after these dates but do not require it as a Christmas Gift, Production and Delivery will take longer than normal due to the time of year (higher demand on postal services and holidays).


However I will always do my best to meet any deadline you might have - just let me know or ask in advance.


Can my order be sent any faster so as to make a special occasion?


No problem, please specify that date you require it by in the special instructions.

I will always do my best to achieve the date required.




There is only one Y in the girls alphabet and my name choice has two.

Do you have another you can use?


If there is ever a problem with the letter choices available please don’t hesitate to let us know and we can work out an alternative. We are always able to take another picture and put it with a rhyme to match the letter you need. We have many alternative letter choices that are not displayed on the website, so feel free to send me an email to discuss an alternative letter choice.


I am making a nameframe for a girl but there is a letter in the boys library that I really like. Can we use both alphabets?


Sure. Just put a note in the Special Instructions what letter choice you would lik.

i.e. If you are doing a girls name Sarah, but would like the boys ‘S is for Skiing’, just type this in the special instructions  "use BOYS S is for Skiing."


I don’t have all the birth details you ask for.

Do I need to? and what do you do with the spaces left by the missing detail?


Not a problem. If you only have 2 details, we will delete the icons for the others and centre the 2 you have. In a case where you may be missing one or two, the icon will be left and we just leave a space. However, a good idea is to have a little phrase like ‘Perfect, Just Right, Beautiful’ etc to replace the missing detail.


I have seen a Sweet P Nameframe in a shop, done to spell out the name of the business with personalised rhymes. How can I order one of these?


We are happy to work with you to make a nameframe for your shop or business and further personalise it by making rhymes to describe your place of work. However any commisioned nameframes will differ in price due to the extra work. If you are interested, please e-mail me with an equiry and we can work something out.


Can I order a frame on its own?

(We no longer offer frames due to postal damage - I am investigating solutions to this problem but for the time being frames are not part of our offer).

Not a problem. If you buy a name and then have difficulty finding a frame to fit, we are more than happy to sell you a frame on it’s own. You will need to choose the colour and length and then either send a cheque in or contact us via e-mail and we will arrange to process your credit card. Please note frames are subject to availabilty and can take a couple of weeks for delivery.


I can’t find a frame that fits my poster.


All our frames are custom made due to the differing lengths of the name posters.

All our name posters are A4 (210mm or 8.25 inchs) deep but vary in length.

Therefore it is hard to find a pre-made frame to fit and if you choose to frame the poster yourself you will need to measure your poster and get it specially made.


How do I know that my order has gone through?


You will receive a confirmation email within a minute of finalising your order.


I’m ordering a nameframe to send to a friend.

Can you put a card in to say who it’s from?


Certainly. Just put your personal message in the Special Instruction box and we will type it up in to a little card to put in with your order.


Do we need to laminate our NameFrame?


No. We recommend framing your NameFrame for best effect.

So if you plan on framing then you will not need to laminate.

But if you don’t plan on framing then we suggest laminating for better protection.


Can you do names larger than 9 letters?


Yes we can.

However we have based the largest NameFrame on 9 letters and few names are longer.

And because we are limited by the length of the paper we want to have the images as large as possible.

We can therefore do larger NameFrames but the images will be proportionality smaller.


How do I specify letters if the name is larger than 9 letters?


Put the first nine letters in and specify the remaining letters, colour and version in the special instructions panel.


What is your privacy policy?

We do not sell or trade or share information with anyone.


Is shopping at the Sweet Ps’ website really safe?


Yes it is. At no stage are you ob;igated to pay anything on our site. You can even go right through to finalizing your order and then you are taken through to Paypal. We do not take credit card and therefore do not require that information.


Any other questions?

Contact me through the Contact Page or click here and send me an email direct.



Poppa Greg

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